San Juan Batangas

San Juan Batangas, a first-class municipality in Batangas, occupies most of the easternmost portion of the province.  Having only a population of more than eighty-seven thousand residents, San Juan Batangas is still a tranquil town.  The municipality of San Juan is consisted of forty-one (41) barangays which are governed by their respective Barangay Captain, SK Chairman, Barangay Council and members or so-called ‘kagawads’.

san juan batangas

The Barangay officials have a full term of three (3) years to implement their plans for the development of the Barangays and municipality as a whole in San Juan Batangas.  And thankfully, the officials in the municipality of San Juan had been keen in keeping their town peaceful, prosperous and in high spirits.

And because of the natural peace in the humble town of San Juan, the municipality was able to preserve its natural beauty which it showcases to elated tourists from all over the world, particularly its white sand beaches in Barangay Laiya.  There are so many magnificent white sand beaches in San Juan that line up the extensive coastlines of Laiya, San Juan.  Some of the splendid beach resorts in Laiya, San Juan are:

1.  Acuatico Beach Resort

2.  La Luz Beach Resort

3.  Sabangan Beach Resort

4.  White Cove Beach Resort

5.  Blue Coral

6.  Palm Beach Resort

San Juan has become known because of its splendid beaches aside from the popular San Juan Nepomuceno Church, which was built during the Spanish colonial period in honor of the patron San Juan Nepomuceno, where a famous local celebrity couple chose to exchange their vows in April of 2009 namely Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos.  The church is built from rock and stones and has brilliant stained glasses in each window; a perfect place for intimate weddings and spiritual gatherings.

San Juan Batangas has also become known because of the many famous people who originated from the place.  Aside from the humbleness of the people in San Juan, they are also gifted with exceptional talent and skills in various aspects.  Many successful people on different industries in the country have come from the humble town of San Juan such as:

1.  Renee Salud – Philippine’s premier fashion designer.

2.  Gen. Leandro R. Mendoza – Secretary of the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) and former Police Director General of the Philippine National Police.

3.  Antonio Bolaños Magtibay, Esq. – Philippine Ambassador to Qatar.

4.  Hernani Perez – Former Justice Secretary, DOJ(Dept. of Justice)

5.  “Kapitan” Leon Quizon Mercado – A ‘Katipunero’ who participated in the rebellion against the US. He was also a farmer and also known as the “Coconut King of Batangas”

6.  Gen. Renato S. De Villa – Former Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and former Dept. of National Defense Secretary, he was also a Presidential Candidate in the 1998 elections.

7.  Rudy Salud – Founding Secretary-General World Boxing Council and former PBA Commissioner. Salud has also become a Boxing Manager and Promoter

San Juan Batangas truly is a wonderful place because of its wonderful sceneries and the people who live in it.