Balai Beach Resort: Simply Amazing

Balai Beach Resort is one of the nicest Laiya, Batangas beach resorts that you should pay a visit at.  From the natural beauty that the resort offers to the amiable services of the resort’s staff and magnificent accommodations, facilities and amenities, Balai Beach Resort is truly a great place to stay at during vacations.


Balai Beach Resort offers overnight and daytrip accommodation packages to its guests so the latter can save more money while having more time to enjoy the amenities and facilities of the resort.

Overnight Package

balai beach resort

Photo by Ana Mariel

For just Php 3, 900.00++, small groups of guests consisting of three (3) members can stay at Balai Resort for a total of two (2) days and one (1) night in a fully air-conditioned room.  The rooms also have a private bath and toilet with hot water.

Other amenities and freebies included in the accommodation package are:

  • Bottomless complimentary coffee or iced tea
  • Swimming pool
  • Billiard table
  • Volleyball
  • Bonfire

Other activities such as the ones stated below have additional charge:

  • Videoke – Php100.00 per hour
  • Kayak – Php 200.00 per hour

Guests can choose between buffet or ala carte style of meals.

Guests staying in tents can also avail Tent Packages that costs Php 500.00 per person.  Meals are also included in the accommodation package.

Day Trip Package

Guests staying at Balai Beach Resort for the day can also avail packages.  The cost of day trip package is Php 750.00 per person.  The accommodation package includes:

  • Entrance fee
  • Welcome drink
  • Lunch (buffet style)
  • Light PM snack

Other amenities are also free to use for day trip guests:

  • Swimming pool
  • Billiard table
  • Volleyball court

Other activities such as the ones stated below also have additional charge:

  • Videoke – Php 100.00 per hour
  • Kayak – Php 200.00 per hour

Amenities and Facilities

Balai Resort also has amenities and facilities that guests can have entertainment or relaxation.


Beach Volleyball – Guests can play beach volleyball on the fine white sand shoreline of the resort.

Billiard – Guests can enjoy a game of billiards with their family and friends during their stay at the resort.

Relaxation Corner – Guests can relax on a relaxation corner near the clubhouse dining area after eating a sumptuous meal.


Clubhouse – Guests can enjoy playing various games at the clubhouse or just enjoy singing along to their favorite tune on the videoke room.

Chapel – Guests can either meditate or take pictures on the mini chapel inside Balai Beach Resort.

Yoga Deck – Guests who want to relax and meditate can stay at the Yoga Deck.

Reception Area – Guests who want to get married at the mini chapel inside the resort can use the reception area surrounded by wonderful ornamental plants and trees.  The reception area is just beside the mini chapel for convenience of the celebrants and the guests.

Fishpond – Guests can enjoy looking and feeding the fishes on the fishpond inside Balai Beach Resort.

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