Take a Tour at Acuaverde Beach Resort – The Home of Authentic Paradise-Like Nature

Looking forward to provide a good hangout for holiday, Acuaverde Beach Resort offers its visitors a paradise-like nature place with great and high-quality accommodations, place for leisure activities and cozy amenities. It doesn’t matter where you’re from and what you do, because this place is assuring you the type of services that you cannot get from the other resorts in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the amenities, services, guides and everything that this place has to offer.

What to Expect?

acuaverde beach resort

Image taken from the resort website.

Aside from the fact that it is providing a calm and sea-nature surroundings, you can also expect other services that only few resorts may provide. From those services, you can now decide why you should spend your one-day off in Acuaverde Beach Resort.

  • Refreshing, green and abundant trees.

To fully experience the beauty of nature, resorts should have something to offer such as trees beside each hut or in a place near to the sea.

  • Various beverages, home recipes and finger foods.

Unlike other resorts, Acuaverde Beach Resort also offers a dining experience with your favorite cuisines. If you are a Filipino and you want something new to taste, you may request from the chef and wait for your delicious meal.

  • Comfortable and relaxing Five Star Hotel-like rooms.

If you are looking for a five star hotel experience, then probably this resort will give you the exact thing and feeling at affordable prices.

  • Special Accommodations with reliable and trustworthy hotel staff.

You may expect complete assistance to your needs and preferences, but you only need to treat them nicely.

  • Bar and Restaurants.

Tequilas, beers and cold drinks are available at affordable prices.

  • Reliable WiFi connections at the hotel premises.

Expect for fast Internet connections at your rooms and everywhere within the hotel areas.

  • Play with your friends with board and outdoor activities.
  • Bonfire.

Gather your friends and make a hotter night through bonfire.

  • 24-hour hotel security.

Expect for a reliable security services during your stay at Acuaverde Beach Resort.

  • Cheaper room rates.

Find different promos to get this offer.

How to Get There?

If you are from Manila, you may ride a bus going to Batangas via the South Luzon Expressway or commonly known as SLEX. The estimated time is 2 and one half hours of driving via bus or car. However, you can also use your vehicle to travel for convenient purposes and to fully experience the tour. Acuaverde Resort is situated along the white-sand coasts in Laiya Beach, San Juan, Batangas. For more information and details, you may inquire and reserve your hotel slot through phone or email. Take a look at the following methods.

How to Reserve My Slot?

Aside from easy transportation, you can also reserve your accommodation at a drop of a hat. To start with, you may choose your method of communicating with the resort customer support staff.

  • Go to reservation offices. If you want to get fast responses, visiting offices connected to this resort is your best way to choose. Some of the offices are located in Makati.
  • Give them a call. Actually, you can give them a call via office mobile numbers. To do this, seek for reliable websites that cater reservation services.
  • Send an email. Websites with reservation services might differ in prices due to some business promos so you need to get the most affordable deal and send your request via email.

Overall, fun and exciting activities, cozy cabanas, paradise-like nature, white-sand seashores, reliable and trustworthy staff, tasty foods of different types and affordable accommodation prices are the things that Acuaverde Resort might provide to any guest who wants to unwind and experience a fulfilling vacation.

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